Diamonds in the orange hue range are typically dark toned and weak to moderate in saturation. This generally results in a brown or brownish color appearance; an unmodified orange appearance is extremely rare

The Pumpkin diamond was discovered in Central Africa in the mid-1990s, and the rough is reported to have appeared predominantly brown with only a hint of orange. (William Golderg, pers. comm.,1997).

After cutting, however, this 5.54 ct gemstone displayed a pure, strongly saturated orange hue. Purchased by Harry Winston Inc. at 1.3 million US dollars at auction in October 1998, its striking color and the date of the sale—the day before Halloween—led the company to dub it the Pumpkin.

It was loaned to actress Halle Berry for the 2002 Academy Awards, the night she won the Oscar for Best Actress, the first African-American ever so honored.

After 30 years, the Pumpkin diamond is valued more than 2.5 million dollar per carat, more than 10 times its original value.



Argyle Pink diamonds are well known to collectors and investors as alternative financial assets, those looking for extremely rare and collectible items.

Since the last 30 years, the Argyle mines from western Australia has provided exceptional fancy colored diamonds. Apart from pink, champagne, violet, purple, blue and red hues are also available.

Argyle tenders are the only way through which Rio Tinto auction their stones to selected buyers every year.

Considered as investment grade diamonds, some rare, certified Argyle pink, violet, blue and red diamonds are among the stones that have gained over 500% in value over the last 20 to 30 years.

We are very pleased to guide you in selecting of the rarest fancy colors into our Argyle certified diamonds collection for a unique creation or as alternative assets.